Everything to know about balcony decking singapore

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A balcony is a platform that is located on the outside of a structure and is supported by columns or console brackets. Balconies may be surrounded by walls or balustrades. The platform is often elevated above the ground level and extends outward from the wall of the structure. The majority of balconies in Singaporean houses are outfitted with either wood decking or composite wood decking, both of which are popular choices for decking materials. The cost of balcony decking singapore depends on which type of decking is used.

Wood decking

It is essential for people who own homes to be aware that there are a variety of materials that may be used for solid wood decking. Some examples of these materials are Chengal Wood, Ironwood, Balau, and Merbau. Chengal decking is the alternative that is put in a majority of Singapore’s balconies. This is due to the fact that it is solid, robust, and has a covering that is significantly more absorbent when compared to other types of wood decking species. Wood decking, because to the natural features it has, may infuse your balcony in tropical Singapore with a genuine feeling of connection to nature. In addition to this, it offers protection against heat and ultraviolet radiation that is somewhat superior. On the other hand, in contrast to synthetic composite decking, it is required to do maintenance on the balcony wood decking either once every six months or once every year.

Decking made of composite wood

balcony decking singapore

Because it is constructed of a man-made robust material that is resistant to the effects of the elements, composite wood decking is often considered to be the most long-lasting flooring choice for use on balconies in Singapore. When compared to wood decking, it is also much simpler to clean and maintain. However, homeowners must be aware that the quality of composite decking materials varies owing to differences in the production standards of certain manufacturers. This information is essential for homeowners. Particularly in light of the fact that there are such a great number of manufacturers available nowadays, it is important to gather information about the source of the product’s production rather than its marketing.

The cost of balcony decking in Singapore

The price of timber decking, wood decking, or balcony flooring in Singapore typically varies from $16 to $32 per square foot (PSF), however this number may vary widely depending on the species of wood that is used. This covers not only the purchase of the wood decks but also their installation, sanding, and varnishing.

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