Why choose composting for the garden plants?

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Some gardeners are successful in the long term maintenance of the garden. But, most of them fail due to lack of a knowledge about composting which is an essential part of gardening. No wonder why the progressing individuals purchase high-quality products for composting in Singapore. Enough of thinking and worrying, let us share a few benefits of this technique for your success.

  • Soil fertility
  • Valuable microorganisms
  • Nutrient benefits
  • Soil improvement
  • No chemicals
  • Withstand soil erosion

Soil fertility: A compost contains micronutrients along with phosphorus, nitrogen and potassium. All of these are crucial for plants to thrive. Compost helps in the retention of moisture which is necessary for plants and promotes the reduction of nutrient leaching. These features allow the development of strong roots by absorption of nutrients. This means healthy plants are seen in the garden without diseases and pests.

composting in singapore

Valuable microorganisms: Good fungi and bacteria come together when humus is added to the soil. These microorganisms aerate the ground along with the facilitation of decomposition of organic matter. Also, some of the beneficial organisms are good at suppressing pathogens.

Nutrient benefits: Harvest of underground crops like peas will lead to pulling out some soil from the ground.  This means these plants could have carried out some nutrients.  The addition of compost into the same soil will ensure to add back the lost valuable nutrients which help the leftover or fresh seeds to thrive.

The addition of compost to raised beds be it at the beginning or end of the season will prepare the beds for new early-spring crops. This does not mean that one must not add in spring, spreading a layer will assist the newly sowed vegetable seeds.

Soil improvement: One of the important benefits of composting is that it can transform any sort of soil. Hard-packed soil can be made into friable, loose soil through the addition of a single layer every year. The compost feature can also enhance the holding capacity of sandy soils for access to moisture by the plants.

No chemicals: What most gardeners don’t know is that chemical fertilizers can be abandoned because of the advantages provided by the compost. Organic gardening is promoted through composting, and these days, most pesticides are artificial and work inefficiently.

Withstand soil erosion: Water retention is required for sandy soils and composting is the best way to glue particles together from the attacks from heavy storms.


It is clear that composting is a boon for gardeners and their adored family members. So, find your smartphone to book high-quality goods and let your plants enjoy the privileges of efficient composting in singapore.

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