Carpet Cleaning: The Right Way

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Cleaning carpets can be quite a challenge. They get easily stained and if taken care of, they can get worst.

Usually, everyone prefers getting their carpets clean from professionals, while other use hacks to wash away small stains. Here are the right ways to clean carpet for both preferences:

Carpet Cleaning

How do companies clean carpets?

Companies have certain ways of cleaning carpets. Different companies use different methods but it is important to know which one suits your carpets.

  • SHAMPOOING: Even though it’s the oldest method of carpet cleaning and works best for carpets that are laboriously soiled, it has its cons. It takes a lot of time to dry and ends up being sticky.
  • BONNET CLEANING: It is usually favored by hotels as it’s a fast and easy way to clean the carpet from the surface. It is done by a motorized machine with a spinning pad and it leaves no residue and dries up fast. The only con it has is that it only cleans the surface and not deeply.
  • HOT WATER EXTRACTION: Also known as steam carpet cleaning; in this method, a cleaning agent is applied on the surface and left for a short duration. After that, the carpet is washed by rinsing and brushing with high pressured hot water and left to dry. It takes a maximum of 2 hours for the whole process.
  • ENCAPSULATION: In this method, a base of synthetic detergents is applied on the surface of the carpet, which later crystallizes along with the dirt particles and is cleaned by brushing or vacuum and left to dry. It is environmentally friendly as it uses less water and doesn’t take much time to dry. But like everything, it has its limitations too; it doesn’t work much on badly soiled carpets.
  • DRY CLEANING: Dry cleaning is the most famous method for cleaning carpets. In this method; A cleaning compound is applied on the surface of the carpet with the use of a rotating motorized machine which results in a thoroughly cleaned carpet.

Though these are the methods used by companies for cleaning carpets, for small stains, and urgent situations, here are some quick hacks as well;

  • To remove beer and wine stains; use vinegar and club soda
  • For general stains; shaving cream works best.
  • Dish soap can work wonders on grease.

To maintain a clean rug, it is advised to deep clean your carpet on regular basis.

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