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Some people may find a wood-burning fire with the most features to be elegant and luxurious style in their home. In searching for a modern fireplace for your house, the Wall Fires have a selection of gas and wood hole-in-the-wall fires in the Modus Fireplaces. However, they have beautiful collections of outdoor fireplaces, double-sided fireplaces, hanging designs, and more.

The Wall Fires is part of a modern fireplace collection. Modus Fireplaces offers a wide selection of exclusive luxury designs, which can accommodate many types of rooms. Also, it can be a decorative combination option like television, built-ins, hole-in-the-walls with 2.4m burners, and customized fireplace designs.

Wall Fires

What are some collections of modern fireplaces they have?

In Modus Fireplaces, find the right design for your homes, such as outdoor fireplaces, double-sided fireplaces, hanging fireplaces, etc. You can view them below, such as:

  • BioFire of Concrete Fireplace

It is a customized bioethanol fireplace sets in a concrete base, and the focal point is a modern design for your living room.

  • 2600BS LineFire

Stunning modern fireplaces with a 2.4-meter flame burner. Installing LineFire in large spaces is a good idea because it is customized with hot-rolled steel side panels to create a dancing flame, a relaxing environment, and an attractive appearance.

  • 844LH Gas Fireplace

It is an award-winning interior designed by Laura Hammett with a customized gas fireplace. The designs blended modern and traditional wood fire. This style combines a black wall inside a fire chamber with a simple and variable fireplace design for your home.

  • 844Angular of Wallfire

A modern wall fire integrates traditional interiors and a contemporary style. The top and bottom open steel panels of the angular wall fire enhance the visual impact of the fire.

What advantages do contemporary fireplaces bring to your home?

Choosing modern fireplaces in your home can get you to save money and heating costs. Fireplaces are easier to install compared to traditional wood fires. Also, it heats the areas and quick warm parts of your home that needs warmth.

  • Modern fireplaces are easy to operate.

Modern fireplaces can regulate heat outputs and flame intensities. The intensity of fire gas is easy to control by turning a knob or pressing a button.

  • Clean Indoor Air For Your Home

Modern fireplaces can burn cleaner compared to wood burning, which is advantageous on some levels. However, modern fireplaces reduce the risk of respiratory conditions such as allergies and asthma.

  • Safety First

Burning the wood can cause smoke, while modern gas fireplaces are safer since they produce less smoke than burning logs can heat embers.

  • Modern Fireplaces are Perfectly for Romance

In terms of creating a romantic atmosphere, a fireplace is difficult to beat. However, these modern fireplaces are better suited for use because they offer a more natural ambiance with the inclusion of a cup of coffee, which is ideal for romantic evenings.

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